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Free the Methadone

Methadone is a vital, lifesaving tool for people with opiate dependency. It has been established to reduce dependency on heroin and fentanyl and has been linked to improved quality of life among patients. It is the gold-standard treatment for opiate dependency, yet inaccessible to so many. During COVID-19, we demanded safe access to this lifesaving treatment. Now, as restrictions on shelter-in-place are opening up, we are fighting to keep crucial changes to methadone policy and to research the effects that take-home doses have had on the lives of drug users. To learn more about methadone, click the Info button below. To see our sign on demand letter for methadone access, click the Letter button

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Join the Union

-Start a Chapter or affiliate your organization with USU!
-Attend, facilitate or speak on our rotating drug user and sex work calls
-Attend or present at national conferences

What We Do

-Methadone Advocacy
-Anti-racist Action
-Advocacy Adacemy
-Harm Reduction Education
-National Petitions/Call to Actions
-Virtual Union Development
-National calls/online meetings to collaborate with and support drug users and sex workers

Services We Offer

-Local and underground SSP support
-Development of crucial activist skills such as public speaking and grant writing
-Media Training
-Program Development
-Technical Assistance

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Sex Worker Advocacy

We host national Sex Worker calls to support sex workers and advocate for sensible laws while challenging harmful ones such as the PROTECT Act 

Our Mission and History

-End the drug war 
-Support not punishment
-Changing public narrative about drug users and sex workers
-Nurturing the achievements and brilliance of fellow drug users and sex workers so we may all thrive

Staying Informed

-Harm Reduction
-Eye care tips for tear gas exposure
-Syringe Services Providers (SSPs)
-International Call to Action for Overdose Awareness through our partnership with INPUD

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Reframe the Blame

The campaign to eliminate the deadly drug-induced homicide laws that prevent harm reduction and destory our communities


As a national harm reduction user union, we strive to support drug users on a local and national level. When individuals and agencies in West Virginia were in dire need, we were honored to lend a hand. We delivered injection kit supplies, lifesaving equipment which promote public health and safe injection practices.

Our Newsletter

We'll keep you updated on our activities and issues in the news about harm reduction, drug policy, and calls to action

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National Calls

We host several national calls and online meetings to organize and support sex workers and people who use drugs such as our Advocacy Academy, Harm Reduction training, and collective grant writing sessions. All are welcome! Please click the link below to see the schedule of calls. Let us know if you would like to facilitate or present! We'd love to have you.

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