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International Overdose Day

We formed an international call to develop a statement with the International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD) and developed a call to action for International Overdose Awareness Day. All USU members are members of INPUD's network, so we connect local chapters to both national and global resources.

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Tear Gas Eye Care

What is tear gas? Any type of chemical weapon that is meant to cause tearing, irritation, respiratory issues and other harmful effects. This includes mace, pepper spray, CN/CR/CS gas and others. They are not all created equal!

Staying Informed: Welcome

What is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction means many things to many people. We are radical harm reductionists. We believe that successes are measured by the quality of individual and community life, not by abstinence. We believe in community-led, evidence-based interventions. We believe that individuals are the writers of their own destinies. We are in the process of fine-tuning what harm reduction means to us, but we know it looks a lot like radical love. Stay tuned!

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Syringe Service Programs

Check back here for more information on Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) and how, when community-led and culturally relevant, they are radical and lifesaving resources for embattled communities. Stay tuned!

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